Aselefech Ashine / Getenesh Kebret - Beauties

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Release date: 1/1/1970


One of the most stunning and unique albums of the Ethiopian golden age of jazz, never re-issued in full until now! This album was the only LP released by the mysterious Aselefech Ashine and Getenesh Kebret, two young women backed by one of the hardest-charging jazz and funk bands of the Ethiopian scene. The record was a huge hit in Ethiopia in 1976, but the artists never released another album. We managed to track them down and bring this amazing record back to the world.

Side A:
Ene Yalant Feker = Without Your Love
Meche Neow = When Will It Be
Kenawtte = Wanderer
Anlak Abet Abet = Lord, I Plead
Amerewal Shegenuo = Beautifully Restive
Lametew = Laboring

Side B:
Wegenne = Kinfolk
Yenafaktiwou Tersseh = Your Desirous Smile
Ayinouma = Bright-eyed
Jegenaw Belaye = Patriot Belay

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