Bill Callahan / Bonnie Prince Billy - Blind Date Party

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Bill & Bonny shared these songs with a travel-challenged world through late 2020 into earlier this year; now their online sensation comes home to roost on the good ol' fashioned format that all these songs were originally heard in the first place! A record to, from, for and dedicated to almost everyone. Hats off! Pants off too - NOW it's a party.

Side A:
Blackness Of The Night
OD'd In Denver
I've Made Up My Mind
Red-Tailed Hawk
Wish You Were Gay
Our Anniversary

Side B:
Rooftop Garden
Deacon Blues
I Love You

Side C:
Sea Song
I've Been The One
I Want To Go To The Beach

Side D:
Night Rider's Lament
Arise, Therefore
The Night Of Santiago
The Wild Kindness
Lost In Love
She Is My Everything