Charles Mingus - ESSENTIAL WORKS 1955 - 1959

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At the end of the Fifties, hard bop was something else looking for a way out. The inexorable cycle of avant-garde trends needed renewal. These were years when both sides of the Atlantic saw wide-reaching deconstruction in philosophy, painting and music. Everything that seemed to belong to a healthy, normal, established order was seen with the most scrupulous scepticism.

In the history of art, successive pivotal years have always had an artificial aspect while at the same time they have revealed the state of an art that would define a new aesthetic. 1913… 1922 … 1959 … The Shape of Jazz to Come, Kind of Blue, Time Out, Ah Um … When creative minds decoded the structures of an art that was current, it was time to discover new ones. Charles Mingus was one of those who deconstructed, a creator and inventor who marked out a path for the other artists to come.

The pieces gathered in this album bear witness to his creative abilities and also to his outrageousness. Each of them connects hard bop with the jazz of the Sixties. Jazz beyond the norm, as was his own temperament.

Side A:
Boogie Stop Shuffle 05:03
Better Git It In Your Soul 07:24
Goodbye Pork Pie Hat 05:45
Self-Portrait in Three Colors 03:12

Side B:
Pithecanthropus Erectus 10:36
Tensions 06:30
Tijuana Gift Shop 03:47

Side C:
Nostalgia In Times Square 12:09
Jump Monk 06:53

Side D:
Dizzy Moods 05:52
Haitian Fight Song 12:01
Profile of Jackie 03:09

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