Matt Sweeney / Bonnie - Superwolves

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They gave you "I Gave You." Their home was "My Home Is the Sea." The life they gave you was "Life in Muscle." They must have been "Must Be Blind." They recently spat out "You'll Get Eaten, Too." All that still goes. But there's something more. Where once was Superwolf, now roam Superwolves, the demon spawn of Matt Sweeney and Bonnie 'Prince' Billy. On this album Sweeney sings harmonies along, with, and around his favorite singer, and plays all electric, acoustic, and bass guitars, joined in places by David Ferguson on stand-up bass, Mike Coltun on electric bass, Mdou Moctar on electric lead, Ahmoudou Madassane on rhythm guitar, Souleyman Ibrahim, Ryan Sawyer and Peter Townsend on drums and Mike Rojas on keys. The Bonnie 'Prince' sings. Does he ever. And Superwolves rules over all.

Side A:
Make Worry For Me
Good To My Girls
God Is Waiting
Hall Of Death
Shorty's Ark
I Am A Youth Inclined To Ramble

Side B:
My Popsicle
Watch What Happens
Resist The Urge
There Must Be A Someone
My Blue Suit
My Body Is My Own
You Can Regret What You Have Done
Not Fooling